Family violence or relationship violence is becoming very common television and the internet are conveying the wrong message to our children.

CCL and its staff wants to help them prevent violence through many ways. Through a series of tools and recognition of emotions and empathy, children can have an understanding on how they can affect their loved ones through violence. The program will consists of a few tools and activities.

Many times as adults we are programmed to express anger emotions that can lead to some sort of violence. We have been programmed this way since we were children because no one taught us how to express how we really feel. Often we blame others for our sadness or other emotions.

This program will start to focus on the children recognizing that it is 'ok' to express how they feel.

We will call this the 'I' statement tool. This tool will help them express how the child feels as oppose to blaming others. For example; If the child feels mad because he didn't get his favorite toy he can say,

'I feel sad' This can allow the child to express his or her real emotion.

Another major factor is that children and especially teenagers do not know how to recognize their emotions. They are also programmed to show anger and frustration whenever they feel attacked or don't get their way.The Name of this game is 'Express your emotion'. 

This game consist of a lot of emotions that a lot of people fail to recognize. The kids will pull and emotion out of a hat and they will act it out and let the others try to guess what that emotion is.

This exercise will allow not only the person acting the emotion but the other children to help recognize how a person might act when he or she is feeling a certain way. It will also broaden their emotional vocabulary and make them more aware of peoples emotions. These are just a few exercises that we will do.

Our mission is to help the less fortunate not only with food or other things but education as well.

By providing them with the knowledge of prevention of violence they can hopefully grow up and be contributing to society in a positive way.


The organization is savvy of family violence due to our main staff and board member.

J.Antonio Escobar will be the lead member to carry out the project.


Antonio has a very extensive background with family  domestic violence.


Antonio has worked with children from 4-18 years of age who have dealt with family violence and personal problems. He did this type of work for many years. Antonio has also worked with adults who were charged by court for domestic violence on their spouses and at times children. These people for the most part had to complete a 52 week domestic violence group and him being the lead counselor. Antonio has a lot of experience working with people who have been the aggressor as well as working with the victim a lot of them being children.